Quanzhou food industry workers skills contest, kiss employee success
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 In November 24, 2016, by the Quanzhou Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, organized by the Quanzhou City Food Industry Association hosted the "Quanzhou city food industry workers skills contest in Quanzhou Development Zone started, this competition is a strong professional, rigorous evaluation of skills competition, from the city's total of 18 food companies 63 technical personnel to participate in the competition. 6 employees to participate in the company's trade union organization kiss skills competition, after a day of intense competition, Jinjiang base kiss QC Cai Yingyu with skills, theoretical knowledge and professional solid talent shows itself entered the game six, and won the third-prize contest, the Pro Pro Union also won the "outstanding organization award" honor.

Since 2016, the company started to kiss "craftsman" action plan in the production base, the product quality and safety as the basis and starting point, requires all QC staff to have faith, diligent and earnest, patience and attention to excellence, strict in demands, unremittingly. And then to the various production operations, supply chain, marketing planning, product development, marketing management, service and other sectors, to cultivate the artisan spirit habits and atmosphere in the whole company, build lean team, intention to create first-class products, brands and services, collection of first-class technology and competitiveness, promote the realization of a new leap kiss.

"The Quanzhou city enterprise staff skills competition, is conducive to peer learning exchanges, and jointly promote the improvement, but also conducive to the company's" kiss craftsman plan of action "to further promote the implementation, praised by the majority of member companies. I hope the Quanzhou Food Industry Association will organize more such activities in the future, really play a good role in the industry associations, so that the industry associations are full of vitality and vitality." The head of the trade union.