Concerted efforts to fight the battle season
Date:2017-02-27   Hit:   From:Original
        The footsteps of the new year is getting closer and closer, but the company has already sounded the number of kisses, this year's Spring Festival season earlier than in previous years. The order, task tight, Tai'an base every employee overtime production, eager for a fight, ready to play a good game, a good start, greet the arrival of the Spring Festival in 2017.

The haze days of the high-speed road, a car to go out, the labor shortage, order production can not keep up, this problem seems to be a challenge for every base in Tai'an kiss, in order to achieve the goal, we unify their thinking, strengthen confidence, to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the production. The digging capacity, ensure the workshop people break machine stop, the staff time to eat all the managers willing to support the production line, pick up the package, bag, sealing pressure, be in full swing. Zhang Jisen is the director of the facility led all the maintenance personnel in to ensure the normal operation of the equipment on the workshop to help in production. Warehouse manager, Porter tissue loading to 9 pm, 10 delivery points, together to get off the vivax capacity from more than 4 thousand and 200 to more than 5 thousand and 500 pieces of lifting, daily shipments reached about 10000.

The big twenty days, the shop than dedication, roll up sleeves, gas dry spell capacity Paul front!" This is not a slogan but real action, in the chorus of the kiss, we work together, in fine fig, unity, A fighting spirit soars aloft., catch production, ensure quality, give the best season of production and sales of the battle.