Luohe kiss successfully passed the 2016 provincial agricultural industrialization key leading enterp
Date:2017-02-27   Hit:   From:Original
 In October 14, 2016, after the approval of the people's Government of Henan Province, the province's 761 key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in our adjusted announcement, pass and continue to enjoy the agricultural industrialization qualification of provincial leading enterprises.

Agricultural industrialization is the direction of the development of modern agriculture, to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, to maintain the stable development of agriculture and farmers continued to increase the important role. Leading enterprises are the most dynamic and innovative management subject in the modern agricultural management system, the key to promote the industrialization of agriculture, and the leading force to promote the integration of the 123 rural industries. Luohe base as a number of provincial leaders won the key enterprises, the company will continue to increase the production of raw materials production base to promote the promotion of regional economic development through the industry.

We are confident and determined in accordance with the people's Government of Henan Province, the development of agricultural industrialization deployment, continue to play its leading advantage, adhere to technological innovation and management innovation, to carry out basic management and spare no effort to the construction of enterprise culture, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefits, and make greater contribution to promote the province's new agricultural modernization.