The kiss brand won the "2016 annual honor Chinese food industry innovation top brand"
Date:2017-02-27   Hit:   From:Original
        In December 3, 2016, the "2016 annual Chinese food industry Food Distribution Association annual meeting was held in Linying County, was invited to kiss food in the column, Luohe kiss general manager Huang Wenzhi on behalf of the participants. The forum invited from the media industry, food production enterprises, circulation enterprises and other professionals together to discuss the leisure food transformation and upgrading under the new concept, new brands and new life ", a snack food industry, food industry, and the development of" new ideas "to" innovation China leisure food consumption upgrade as the theme, to explore how the current food industry development pattern and the upgrading of consumption structure environment, realize the new ideas for the development of industry and enterprise innovation, guide Chinese present food industry sustainable development.

"Kiss" brand since its inception, the majority of consumers, after more than thirty years of baptism, has always been adhering to the "integrity, hard work, innovation and dedication" spirit of enterprise culture, won the 2016 annual China food industry innovation, and top brand "Pro Pro Luohe general manager Huang Wenzhi was awarded the 2016 annual Chinese food industry gold manager".

As a well-known enterprises, kiss food has been pioneering and innovative market, and constantly develop new products, has been affirmed by all walks of life, although made today's achievements, but did not stop. In the future, close relatives are swagger, to create a "world class in high and vigorous spirits, leisure food brands, the long-term goal of creating a century green enterprise" continuously enterprising, hard struggle!