Deepening management to break through excellence Fushun 2016 annual summary of the work will be held
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       Time flies, time change, Fushun pro from the brilliant 2016 relatives, ushered in a more challenging 2017. In order to fully sum up the work in 2016, and earnestly implement the 2017 headquarters of the "optimization of products, the activation of the brand, improve the mechanism to build a new strength of the enterprise" work ideas. In January 13, 2017, the 16th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Fushun kiss summary of 2016 and 2017 work plan and annual advanced recognition will come.

13 o'clock, Fushun base 2016 advanced individuals, excellent staff and general manager Mr. Wu Wendang, the Department Manager and management representatives together. The award-winning staff wearing a sash, neatly in the afternoon sun very bright, warm sprinkled on the earth, with the pro family joy on the face smile, to shoot another year of kiss family portrait.

13:30, 2016 annual summary of work and work in 2017 and the annual recognition of the deployment will be officially launched in the employee activity center. The first part of the meeting is the general manager of Mr. Wu Wendang 2016 years of work in Fushun and the summary of the work of the deployment report of the year 2017. Wu report to "deepen the management, the courage to break, ingenuity, and excellence" as the theme, focuses on the 2016 annual Fushun base operation survey and analyzed existing problems in 2016 and 2017 work plan in 2016 focused on the work, base. General manager Wu pointed out that in 2016 the superior leadership under the guidance of the concern, the Fushun base company proposed the "focus on the general optimization of products, expand the channels, to adapt to the new normal" work ideas, to enhance the quality, improve the supply and service innovation as the main line of work, the core task of innovative thinking to improve production efficiency and ensure the safety of risk prevention operation "on, unite, difficulties, fully carry out the work, and achieved certain results in safety production, cost control, quality assurance, product delivery, profit index, successfully reached the adult set at the start of business goals and objectives. As the saying goes: "no single line, One person alone cannot accomplish much.", are all my colleagues work together to overcome difficulties and enterprising, Fushun base to produce satisfactory results.

Finally, Wu pointed out that in 2017, from the analysis of the internal environment, with the kiss food was listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, the company will put forward higher requirements on the base of business performance, from the analysis of the external environment, the domestic economic situation is still in the doldrums, the national food industry to more stringent regulation, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in a tough environment, our future work is facing greater challenges! The new year, Fushun base will focus on the company proposed to optimize the product, brand activation, modification mechanism, guiding ideology of enterprises to build new power ", conscientiously sum up the deficiencies and a review of past work experience, launched the Fushun base staff to" deepen the management, the courage to break, ingenuity, manufacturing excellence "for the work the main line and try our best to pay attention to food safety and production safety, make the production cost control work, to tackle tough products to enhance the force of innovation, the pursuit of lean production, to meet the market many batches of small batch orders, improve enterprise efficiency. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the president of the group and the production and operation of the support of the team, unite together, work together to achieve the objectives of the 2017 annual budget!

Summary of the work at the end of a warm applause, Wu report pointing out a new direction of the work, the Fushun base in 2017 a thousand miles; not small streams to into a river, on the road in the future, as long as the Fushun Pro family solidarity, down-to-earth, hard struggle, kiss tomorrow will be better!

The meeting of the second item on the agenda is a jelly production department manager Li Qiang report fourth quarter proposal to improve the selection, continuous improvement as the longevity flower in Fushun base evergreen, with luxuriant foliage, charming fragrance, and bear fruits. Since 2012, the headquarters of the implementation of continuous improvement system, Fushun base always adhere to the quarterly review, the continuous improvement of the organization, publicity, classification and recognition, to encourage more employees to kiss to make suggestions for the development of the company, invested as masters to continuous improvement work, it is because the base adhere to the continuous improvement of high performance. On the base, the proposals to improve the cost savings for the base greatly, create benefits, improve the environment at the same time, provides a strong guarantee for improving the quality of products.

Subsequently, by the quality control department manager Zhang Jun reports fourth quarter benchmarking workshop, model warehouse selection. The composition of the management index benchmark workshop, warehouse project selection model by units of the core, the score reflects the various units of the management status of each quarter, this work as a base to create a good atmosphere of competition, to promote internal management improvement means. In 2017 at the headquarters of the lean production under the guidance of the thought of "to deepen the management, the courage to break, ingenuity, manufacturing excellence" of the main line of work, combined with the continuous improvement of products, good propulsion and other special events, continuing to promote solid base, model selection and benchmarking workshop warehouse selection, through the selection of activities, continue to promote the fine the management of enterprises, promote the standardized operation, so as to improve product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost, enhance the driving base management!

At the end of the conference a union president Zhang Li announced the results of the annual Pingyoupingxian, and reviews and awards ceremony of the advanced deeds of individual and outstanding employees. Recognition is both reward and spur! Encourage advanced continues to play an exemplary spirit, drive around the common progress; at the same time, we must not relax efforts, encouragement, enterprising! The award is only a large number of staff to pay for the kiss of the representative, in order to thank the majority of colleagues for a year of hard work, after the meeting, the company for all the participants prepared a wonderful party.

17:30 Xu, the party in everyone's eager to open the curtain. The company has invited the leadership of Wei Heng paper products and gongxiangshengju.

At the beginning of 2017 days is the "kiss of food" after the listing ushered in the first production season, in order to kiss the listed gift, the production line work overtime, workshop management personnel support, solidarity, not afraid of cold, to overcome the difficulties, this annual meeting to thank you for your company to pay, for everyone to prepare delicious cuisine and rich the prize. The Ministry of Commerce and the trade union designed the interesting games to the scene atmosphere reached a climax, the game all the presence of personnel is divided into 6 groups, using integral system, and accompanied by punitive measures to increase the participation of fun.

The highlight of the party is still looking forward to the raffle, the grand prize this year is millet tablet computer, we also have a pair of eager, eager for a fight, to win the award. In a lively voice of the highest award award settled, obtained by the plastic cup workshop statistician Ye Mingzhu. General manager Wu took out 1000 yuan as a bonus, the atmosphere will be pushed to another climax! Despite the limited number of awards, but all the participants are feeling the company and the leadership of the care and encouragement. The party in an atmosphere of joy and harmony came to an end.

Unforgettable tonight this touching night, good time. Happy time always makes people feel time flies too fast. Yes, though we can't stop the passage of time, we can control our own hands. Let us join hands to create a better tomorrow for a better tomorrow!