Full participation in fire safety everyone share a harmonious kiss
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     As the popularity of fire safety knowledge, to further enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, enhance employee self prevention and rescue ability, fire safety publicity campaign on November 19, 2016, Luohe kiss organize staff to carry out once a year "". Activities are divided into safety lectures of fire and fire drills two items, in order to achieve the purpose of our fire safety publicity, invited the county fire brigade leader and fire officers and soldiers involved, visit the guide.

Various departments, workshops, a total of 256 employees participated in the fire safety knowledge seminars and fire drills. In the training, the county fire brigade officers and soldiers with fire cases, how to focus on the social unit of fire four capacity building, at the beginning of the fire fighting method, may lead to bad habits, correct fire fire alarm, fire escape and rescue method and fire safety attention to six aspects of teaching etc.. Explain the content easy to understand, easy to understand, so that employees can in short training time, absorption mastered the basic essentials of fire safety skills.

In order to make you more intuitive understanding of the use of common methods of fire extinguishing equipment, to further grasp the ability to extinguish the fire at the initial stage, the company organized all the staff of the oil pan fire, fire, fire hose, fire emergency evacuation and rescue four fire drill. The drill site, Huang Zong and the fire brigade leaders personally do pan fire drill demonstration, note the proper use of fire brigade officers and soldiers on-site demonstration to explain the method of hand-held fire extinguishers and fire hose fire, at the same time with the staff participated in the training of emergency evacuation and fire rescue.

Fire drill to nip in the bud, the fire safety work is the priority among priorities of the company. Through the fire knowledge training and field simulation exercises, so as to improve the fire safety awareness and safety skills of all staff of the company, while testing the fire protection safety organization ability and emergency ability and combat capability, and create a safe and harmonious environment ". The fire drill process in an orderly, safe work place, war staff quick fire extinguishing action quickly and effectively, fully learn the fire of knowledge employees in the kiss, the field exercise extinguishing process at the same time, more exercise quickly and decisively deal with emergency ability and the spirit of unity and cooperation, for the company to implement fire safety work under the solid foundation, promote the company's safety, efficient, healthy and sustainable development.