Luohe kiss 2016 production line team leader management to enhance the training ended
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        On November 1, 2016 -11, 5, Luohe kiss 2016 production line team leader management to enhance the training after the preparatory group and the joint efforts of all participants, successfully concluded! The main object of this training is the production line team leader and key staff positions, the military training, comprehensive quality development, outdoor skills and knowledge of production management mode of combination of students to conduct a comprehensive upgrade.

Training to "forging quality, self challenge, training team, harvest growth" for the purpose, is not only an important measure to strengthen the construction of the quality of the production line management team, a rare opportunity is the production line management system, learning management knowledge and skills, to enhance the management ability. The training focuses on management practices, military development, teamwork, the purpose is to develop the production line management backbone of correct cognition of post positioning, establish a positive attitude, grasp the occupation skills of production management experience, the production team to further enhance the centripetal force and cohesive force, so as to build a solid business and quality management team.

The training for a period of five days, a total of 48 students participating in the training. The battle over the bumpy road of life, leaves, and other activities to expand the task, the students began to shift from individualism to team awareness of the way of thinking, team execution and coordination force rapidly strengthened, and gradually improve the sense of responsibility, team spirit and sense of gratitude. Through the actual combat experience sharing, interactive teaching, on-site simulation exercises wonderful lectures, so that students benefit a lot, and be able to master the production site management skills knowledge. The training course of five days although difficult, but the results are gratifying. In the process of training, coaching team, lecturer, benevolence, conscientious, hardworking and truly tireless in teaching others, DeYiShuangXin; students abide by the rules, diligent, positive enterprising, solidarity, to truly achieve the harmony of body and mind, showing the pro family good spirit!

The production line team leader is at the forefront of the organizer and leader, is the direct management of the production site, plays a vital role in the production of the company's management. The training has ended, but the spirit is not the end of the training. We firmly believe that, at the moment the team has been fully equipped for kiss together, stand together through storm and stress and dedication of the willpower and team cohesion, for food production operations continue to grow close and open a new chapter!